How We Are
Jersey's Best Dancers


How We Are - Lifetime.

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I love you. I wish we were real.

Facts About Caitlin

I spent twenty minutes at work today looking at pictures of black holes with my boss’ seven year old son.

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One More Song



a wrinkled page, a scribbled word
a melody gone, it’ll never be heard

A song on the new Lagwagon album dedicated to Tony Sly (RIP)

She’s my Han Solo and I’m her Chewbacca, because she’s the only one who can understand me sometimes, and I will destroy anyone who tries to hurt her.
Amy Poehler about Tina Fey (via knopetowashington)

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Lauryn Hill being booed at the Apollo Theatre at age 13.

The other night I did one of the worst performances of my life.  I was pitchy, nervous, forgot lyrics, had to sing loudly over the top of an overbearing guitar.  The whole time I was up there I wanted to get off but I had to keep soldiering on.  I cried on the way home and cried myself to sleep but then I woke up the next morning and realised that I need to use it as a learning curb.  I won’t give up, I can only get better.

And then I found this video.  This is Lauryn Hill getting booed at age 13 but she picks up that microphone and she just keeps hammering it out.  Now look at her; living legend



Bride in 1879


Bride in 1879

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